businessmen-showing-mobileI am currently looking to expand my reseller network and is offering an opportunity for self-motivated entrepreneurs to resell my mobile services.

What Services Can I Offer?

You will be able to resell my mobile resumes, mobile flyers, mobile car profiles, and mobile epks. The only restriction is: you can not offer services to New York or Michigan residents.

How Does It Work?

Arbitrage¬† is the nature of this business model. You will promote the service, charge your own price, collect money from your customer, order my design service at a lower price, and deliver the finished product to your customer. It’s simple and could be a lucrative opportunity if you are motivated.

How much Can I Make?

How much you make is completely up to you. I have other resellers charging $50 & up for this service, and you can do the same. The more you sell, the more you make. You’ll be your own boss and work on your own terms.

Why Should I Work with You?

I have been creating innovative mobile services for the past two years, and my customers love what I do. My professionalism, work ethics, and creativity is what sets goRiggs apart from others in this field. Since I’ve started my quest back in 2012, numerous copycats have popped up and tried to duplicate what I do, and none can come close to what I do for my mobile customers and my resellers. I work hard (often putting in long hours to the wee hours in the morning) to make them look good, because if they make money, I make money. It’s a WIN-WIN situation. You bring me the clientele, and I bring you the design.

You Ready to Get Started?

If this offer interests you, please contact the Head Web Developer/Owner, Nakita by filling out the contact form.